RépaRetek – The caterer who delivers you pure tastes

If you are on a vegan diet, or you should leave out egg, milk, lactose, or just fancy eating something gluten free, you came to the good address. Because we know how to prepare dishes which are tasty, fresh and healthy at the same time. Our mission is to make conscious nutrition available to our customers, who – because they are too busy – cannot spend time to cook for themselves every day.


Our meals – made without meat, egg, milk, from purely vegetable ingredients – are also a quintessence of love, knowledge and experience. We offer these tasty dishes to those who are keen on maintaining their physical-spiritual harmony through a conscious diet. This is our philosophy, and it is the foundation of the work in the kitchen run by the small team of RépaRetek in a familiar vibe. Our team gets up early in the morning to cook fresh artisanal food for you every morning, in a quantity which we can still manage by ourselves, as for us, quality prevails over quality. Taste our food, and you will undoubtedly sense the care, the attention and the love, which are the ingredients of each and every portion.


The beloved cereals – spelt wheat which we grind in our home mill, millet, buckwheat, barley, rye, oat and rice are indispensable ingredients. As sweeteners, we only use cane-sugar and natural sweetener such as dates, dried fruit; that is why our dishes are completely free of refined ingredients, preservatives, flavour enhancers. Being a company caring for the environment, whenever it is possible, we use recycled or quickly degradable, environment friendly packaging. Your meal is always fresh and delivered warm.